We have had a gutful!

In recent years our representatives have engaged in a series of behaviours that many Australians would regard as unethical, self serving if not downright criminal. It is rare for any individual or their  party to be held to account. We want to know your views on whether you think the examples set out in the Survey are in-line with Australian values.

Welcome to the Democratic Reform Alliance


The Democratic Reform Alliance is an anti-corruption party that is critical of the major parties, has a moderate platform of reform, and does not place itself on the left or right of the political spectrum.


Like many people we have had a gutful of the litany of abuses and conflicts of interest of our major party politicians and want to reform the political system to create enhanced structures of accountability and make it easier for people to participate in our democracy.


Conflicts of Interest and Political Corruption


The Labor Party and the Liberal / National Coalition are awash in corporate and union cash and receive millions of dollars in tax-payer funding. They work in the interests of their corporate paymasters and not the electorate. For this reason they no longer represent the concerns of ordinary people.


Donors control party policy, candidate pre-selection, and the parliamentary and post parliamentary careers of our elected representatives. Conflicts of interest are rife at all levels of the political system and misuse of position by elected representatives and institutional lack of accountability are compromising our democracy.


The ego driven leadership challenges that crippled both major parties and the wave of recent corruption scandals demonstrate the distance between the governing parties and the concerns of the electorate.


The ALP and the Liberal Party are broken and no longer serve the needs of the Australian public. It is time to reform a system that is not working.


Our commitment - Clean Government


When elected to Parliament Democratic Reform Alliance candidates will work with other minor parties and independents to use any balance of power opportunity to negotiate tough new legislation to clean up our politics. We will:


1. Ban donations from corporations and organisations (as opposed to individual shareholders and union members);
2. End tax payer support of political parties;
3. Introduce world’s best practice campaign and party funding laws;
4. Better regulate politicians’ entitlements;
5. Introduce a tough Anti-Corruption Authority to keep the bastards honest;
6. Introduce an Integrity Commission to enforce binding probity guidelines in relation to government appointments, contracting, and asset sales;
7. Better regulate lobbyists including banning politicians from lobby for 3 years after holding public office.


For our full policy commitments see the Platform Principles and Platform Details menus.


Our Political Vision


The Democratic Reform Alliance also supports extending the right of Australians to more effectively participate in Australian democracy by allowing ordinary people to decide important issues.


We support:


1. Binding national plebiscites on critical social issues including euthanasia, drug law reform, foreign treaties, and decisions to commit troops overseas;
2. The direct popular election of the Governor-General by the Australian people within the current constitutional framework;
3. Reforming the voting system to give the people of Canberra representation in the Parliament equal to other Australians;
4. Requiring political parties to be internally democratic and facilitate member participation.


Royal Commission into Political Corruption


The Democratic Reform Alliance is pushing for a Royal Commission into Political Corruption and Conflicts of Interest in the Australian Political System.


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