About Us

What is the Democratic Reform Alliance?

The Democratic Reform Alliance is a political party established to direct public dissatisfaction at the current state of Australian politics towards enhanced structures of accountability. It is a single-issue party focussing on the abuse of entitlements by politicians and the institutional and personal conflicts of interests at all levels of the political system.

The core purposes of the party are to:

  • promote the election of Democratic Reform Alliance candidates to the Commonwealth and state and territory parliaments;
  • use any balance of power opportunity to negotiate the introduction of wide-ranging transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption legislation that enhances the accountability of politicians and political parties and improves the practice of democracy in Australia;
  • extend the definition and practice of democracy in Australia by allowing party members to use the Internet to vote on internal party plebiscites, and once representation is gained, to vote with other association members to direct Parliamentary members how to vote on legislation before legislative bodies.

The Democratic Reform Alliance seeks to link popular public frustration at the behaviour of our politicians and the failure of the major political parties to represent ordinary Australians with a series of strategies aimed at achieving meaningful political and institutional change.

The party seeks to draw votes from across the political spectrum and to specifically seek the support of people who in other contexts have voted for right wing or conservative parties. The party will adopt a populist and critical tone and will use social media and seek media attention to build broad-based popular support and an active membership in a short period of time.

Underneath the populism Democratic Reform Alliance has a series of well thought out strategies aimed at delivering the positive changes Australians are looking for.


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