What is the Democratic Reform Alliance?

Australia may be relaxed and comfortable for a small cohort of political and system insiders, but for those on the outside life is neither relaxed nor comfortable but grinding with more systems and complexity and continuous social and economic change to manage than ever before.

The outbursts of anger on social media, the rise of regional populist and personality based parties that allow a protest vote but give voters minimal influence in Parliament, the frustration that political discourse is held hostage by a partisan media with its own agenda, and the commonly expressed view that politicians and the major parties are corrupt and self-interested, are symptoms of the alienation and a desire for things to be done differently and better.

If a political party could identify a denominator common enough to individuals across the political spectrum, if it could find an issue that could unite rather than divide people, and provide voters with clear political, electoral, and Parliamentary strategies directed at bringing change to the system, then it may be possible to achieve meaningful reform to the political system.

The Democratic Reform Alliance is that party.

The Democratic Reform Alliance is established to direct public frustration at the failings of our politicians and their parties towards enhanced structures of accountability. The Democratic Reform Alliance has a Platform underpinned by a series of well thought out strategies aimed at restoring representation to the Australian people.

We invite you to join us in delivering the positive changes Australians are looking for.






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