Become a Candidate

Become a candidate

Are you interested in a career change?

Do you agree with the principles and political strategies upon which Democratic Reform Alliance is founded and would you agree to work within the structure proposed by Democratic Reform Alliance?

Are you interested in running for Parliament and contributing something significant back to the community?


The Democratic Reform Alliance is calling for expressions of interest from candidates interested in nominating to become a party candidate at the next election. The Democratic Reform Alliance intends to contest every seat in the Federal Parliament (150 Lower House seats and 76 Senate seats).

Candidates will be selected on the basis of their public profile and existing exposure and skills with the media, and their understanding of and commitment to the platform and the concept of the Democratic Reform Alliance

On being selected, candidates will receive rigorous training in the Democratic Reform Alliance platform and strategies, in dealing with the media, and in your defined role as a Democratic Reform Alliance candidate.

Selection criteria

  1. Understanding of and commitment to the Mission, Platform, and Strategies of the Democratic Reform Alliance;
  2. Previous broadly based employment, professional or business experience;
  3. Pre-existing public profile or experience with the media.

Please contact Nicholas Houston, the Convenor of the Democratic Reform Alliance, for further information about running for office with the Democratic Reform Alliance.

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