Integrity Pact

The Democratic Reform Alliance will seek to facilitate an Integrity Pact with the minor parties and independents to the effect that no matter who is elected, members of the Integrity Pact will commit to the Democratic Reform Alliance Parliamentary strategy in relation to negotiations with the majority party.

Specifically, in a balance of power situation Integrity Pact members will provide conditional support to the Government in relation to confidence motions and budget bills in return for the passage of the transparency and accountability legislative package within the first 100 days of the life of the Parliament. Independents and minor parties who do not agree to the Pact will be branded as complicit with the major parties.

Preferences may be exchanged with other parties and independents who sign on to the Pact, with electors instructed to vote for their particular party first, Democratic Reform Alliance second, and to put the Liberal or Labor parties last at their discretion.

Democratic Reform Alliance preferences may be directed according to a transparency matrix, on a seat by seat basis, or randomly across the minor parties.

More to come shortly.

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