Who are we?

Democratic Reform Alliance members have had a gutful of politics in this country and understand the political system is non-representational and therefore dysfunctional. Democratic Reform Alliance members may be alienated from politics and cynical of our politicians and the parties and institutions that create and sustain them, and frankly, want to renovate the bastards.

More positively, Democratic Reform Alliance members believe that Australia needs a modern party providing different and positive views about politics and political organisation and would embrace Democratic Reform Alliance not as a reaction to frustration but as an affirmation of the on-going benefits of living in a democratic and progressive country.

Why join a political party?

Good question.

If you want to build your career and access lucrative perks and lurks, we recommend you join the Australian Liberal Party, the National Party of Australia, or the Australian Labor Party.

Why join the Democratic Reform Alliance?

If you want to change the way politics works in Australia we recommend you join the Democratic Reform Alliance.

Who can join?

A Democratic Reform Alliance member is anyone who agrees with the purposes of the party and who applies on-line to become a member and is accepted into the party.

What is expected of you as a member of the Democratic Reform Alliance?

As a member of the Alliance we keep things pretty simple.

We ask you to pay your membership fee and make donations within your capacity to donate. The Alliance aims to keep its administrative costs low but without corporate or union backing the issue of appropriately funding the work of the organisation is significant.

We ask you to support our campaigns by sharing our posts in your social networks. If you feel strongly about these issues of accountability and the need to reform the political system and our work, then your role in assisting us bring the message to the broader community is vital.

We are interested in what you think and invite you to participate in our Surveys and attend our events when you can. While the Democratic Reform Alliance is a mass-member Internet-based party, your views and practical ideas are welcome.

Finally, and most importantly, we ask you to vote for the Democratic Reform Alliance at elections and encourage your friends and family to also vote for the Alliance. We may even ask you to help out at election time.

What do Democratic Reform Alliance members think about the other parties?

While Democratic Reform Alliance members may prefer one of the existing parties or have voted for independents, the Greens, Clive Palmer or Pauline Hanson or minor parties in the past, they cannot see that either mainstream party or any of the minor parties or independents either want to or can change the way the system works.

Democratic Reform Alliance members agree that Australia needs a highly organised party presenting a critique of the system alongside a set of positive ideas for change linked to potentially successful electoral and parliamentary strategies. Australia needs a party that can put sufficient bums on seats in the federal and state and territory parliaments to bring change to Australian politics.

The Democratic Reform Alliance aims to disrupt the money politics that is strangling meaningful participation in Australian political life and restore representation to the Australian people.

What are the rights and obligations of Voting Members?

A Democratic Reform Alliance Voting Member is equivalent to a shareholder in a public company but with the right to participate in the management of the business. A Voting Member has the right to:

  • vote in internal party plebiscites using the Democratic Reform Alliance Voting Platform;
  • vote along with other association members using the Democratic Reform Alliance Voting Platform to direct Democratic Reform Alliance Parliamentary members in relation to how to vote on legislation before legislative bodies;
  • receive communication and party bulletins;
  • nominate to become a Democratic Reform Alliance candidate or a member of the Management Committee;
  • participate and vote in direction-setting General Meetings.

Voting Members agree to pay an annual membership fee to the Democratic Reform Alliance to assist with the cost of running the organisation and may make donations of money or time from time to time to assist with particular campaigns.

What are the rights and obligations of Democratic Reform Alliance Supporters and Associate Members?

A Democratic Reform Alliance Supporter (Associate Member) is a supporter of the party who agrees with the principles and political strategies upon which the Democratic Reform Alliance is founded and who wants to receive communications and progress up-dates from the party but who does not wish to participate in the Voting Platform or attend General Meetings.

Associate members pay a membership fee and may also make donations of money or time from time to time to assist with campaigns.

How do party members interact?

The Democratic Reform Alliance is an Internet based party that uses the Internet to facilitate better ways of organising people. Members participate in the life of the party through the voting mechanisms established by the party. Voting over the internet is direct, quick and easy.

Alliance members are not required to attend physical branch meetings or attend branch or national conferences.

Can I be an anonymous member of the Democratic Reform Alliance?

No. To be accepted as a member you must be a real person, give sufficient personal details to allow the Australian Electoral Commission to confirm your identity, and meet certain other standards including not being a member of any other party.

Can I just vote for the Democratic Reform Alliance and not be a member?

Yes, definitely.

The Democratic Reform Alliance asks nothing more of people than they give Democratic Reform Alliance 30 seconds of their time at the ballot by voting for Democratic Reform Alliance.

You do not have to become a party member to vote for the Democratic Reform Alliance. We value all our voters and will do our best to give you value for your vote.

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