Platform Principles

The Democratic Reform Alliance draws on a range of transparency ideas already in the public domain, but dispersed and muddied by competing political agendas, into a coherent Platform. The Platform underpins the Democratic Reform Alliance’s political, electoral, parliamentary, media, and organising strategies.

The Platform is limited, reasonable, realistic, and popular, and places the Democratic Reform Alliance in the middle of the moderate political mainstream.

The Platform contains a limited number of policies grouped into four themes aimed at creating accountability and reducing corruption in the political system and providing greater opportunity for participation of ordinary Australians.

The four policies address:

1. Politicians Entitlements and Accountability
2. Campaign Funding and Expenditure
3. Anti-corruption, Transparency, and Integrity
4. Political Participation

Core Principle 1: Non-controversial

The Democratic Reform Alliance’s Platform is strictly non-controversial; simply meaning it is not political in a partisan or ideological sense. Further, the Democratic Reform Alliance, does not take positions or advocate policies seen traditionally as the preserve of the left or right or the Liberal or Labor parties, and nor does it express views on or participate in the culture wars.

Core Principle 2: Non-Divisive

To be an electoral success the Democratic Reform Alliance must attract votes from people with opposing political and ideological affiliations. Given individual Democratic Reform Alliance voters will have widely divergent views on divisive issues (including national security, migration and asylum seekers, education funding, energy reform, tax policy and tax cuts, banking regulation, drug law reform, feminism, free-speech, racism, welfare policy, indigenous affairs, gay marriage, overseas military engagement, the Republic, privatisation, the restructuring of the economy, the environment and carbon tax etc), the party must avoid taking positions or addressing these and other controversial issues.

Adopting policies outside the core transparency agenda will limit the ability of the party to attract sufficient votes to make the party a success. In principle, the Democratic Reform Alliance will not adopt positions, and should not and cannot, adopt positions that divide the potential pool of voters.

This core political strategy is reflected without exception in its political, electoral, parliamentary, media, and organising strategies.

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