Survey on political corruption in Australia

We have had a gutful!

In recent years our representatives have engaged in a series of behaviours that many Australians would regard as unethical if not criminal. It is rare for any individual or their  party to be held to account. We want to know your views on whether you think the examples set out in the Survey are in line with Australian values.

Abuse of Entitlements
On 5 November 2014 Bronwyn Bishop, Speaker of the Australian House of Representative, chartered helicopter flights from Melbourne to Geelong and back to attend a state Liberal Party fundraiser. The cost of the flights was $5,227.27.

The controversy was fuelled by further revelations of spending on travel. Bishop finally resigned the Speakership on 2 August 2015 and moved to the backbench.

The Democratic Reform Alliance does not think it should be left to a politician to decide whether he or she breached Parliamentary entitlements rules. We think that Parliamentary entitlements rules should be clearly defined with clear penalties for breach and not left vague and unenforceable. We think that Bronwyn Bishop should arguably have been prosecuted under criminal law for fraud. We think that she should have been sacked and suspended from Parliament.

Why is there one rule for politicians who abuse government benefits and another rule for everyone else?

Would you vote for a Party that introduces a proper Parliamentary entitlements regime?

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