What we stand for

What is wrong with politics in Australia?

  • Politicians regularly abuse travel and electoral entitlements;
  • Politician's superannuation and other benefits are in excess of community standards;
  • Government appointments lack proper scrutiny;
  • Major party donors are awarded Government contracts without proper scrutiny;
  • Lobbyists including recently retired politicians are not properly regulated;
  • Campaign funding rules lack transparency and are full of loopholes;
  • Political parties are funded by corporations and are controlled by the donors;
  • Political parties receive generous state funding and no longer need to represent voters;
  • Political parties are not internally democratic;
  • The Government spends money on pork barrelling without proper scrutiny;
  • Whistle blowers are persecuted, and Freedom of Information requests routinely denied

And a whole lot of other things.

What will we do to fix it?

We will

  • Regulate politicians’ entitlements and introduce severe punishments for breach;
  • Reduce politicians’ superannuation benefits to common community standards;
  • Tie increases in politicians pay and superannuation to the annual dollar increase in the minimum wage;
  • Introduce the world’s strictest election campaign and party funding laws;
  • Ban donations from corporations and organisations (as opposed to members of organisations or individual shareholders);
  • Cap the amount any individual can donate at $10,000 per financial year;
  • Require all donations above $500 to be publicly disclosed on the internet in real-time including donations to and from affiliated entities;
  • Ban foreign entities and non-permanent residents from making political donations;
  • Regulate “associated entities”, think-tanks, and other fund-seeking auxiliary organisations to ensure these organisations comply with campaign funding rules;
  • End state funding of political parties (to encourage parties to become democratic membership based and funded civil organisations rather than self-perpetuating creatures of the state they seek to govern);
  • Limit the salary packages of politicians and senior officials to a multiplier of five times the minimum wage;
  • Cut post-parliamentary entitlements (gold airline passes, on-going office expenses, excessive superannuation);
  • Introduce an enforceable code of ministerial responsibility extending to senior bureaucrats, parliamentary advisers and staffers;
  • Introduce a world’s best practice Federal Anti-Corruption Authority with proper teeth;
  • Introduce a Federal Integrity Commission to create and enforce binding guidelines in relation to asset sales, private/public partnerships, and public appointments;
  • Introduce world’s best practice Freedom of Information laws and clear whistle blowing protections and incentives;
  • Introduce world’s best practice regulation of lobbyists including an expansive on-line real time register of lobbyists and lobbying activities;
  • Prohibit politicians from accepting public appointment or engaging in lobby for 3 years after completing public service;
  • Strengthen the authority of Parliament to control the approval of the expenditure of public money for political and pork barrelling purposes;
  • Empower the role of the Auditor General to make binding recommendations on public service agencies in relation to a range of administrative best practice guidelines;
  • Create an Integrity Portfolio incorporating all functions relating to transparency-in-government-mechanisms into one centralised portfolio
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